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Drone Services & Consultation


We can supply raw clips or produce a complete 4K video. Our experience ranges from international TV shows & events to local promotional films.

Aerial Inspections

Faster, safer and more economical than using scaffolding or manpower. Find problems before they occur.

Aerial Mapping

Millimetre accurate maps with outputs in a variety of formats, suitable for planning and surveying software.

About Us

Our team is not only certified and insured drone operators, we are also commercial pilots licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. These diverse qualifications enable us to do more than the average drone operator, such as utilising charter aircraft to access remote locations for drone operations, as well as operating our drones closer to airports and at night. We operate a large range of drones and aircraft including everything from a 50 gram micro drone to a 50 tonne Boeing airliner.

Join our growing list of clients who have entrusted their drone services to us. Our experience and ability to innovate has made Droner a leader in this dynamic field.


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